On Site Services

Our passion is printer and copier management, so yours doesn’t have to be. Blueprint Specialties facilities management service focuses on delivering cost savings and improving customer service.

The program basics:

  • On-site Blueprint Specialties employee and/or equipment
  • Development and management of a document management strategy
  • Technology to manage project information
  • Procurement of copiers and printers that fit into a strategy
  • Maintenance and upkeep of copiers and printers – includes checking on and refilling toner, paper, and insuring functionality
  • Continued right-sizing of fleet and number of copies purchased in maintenance program
  • One central vender to deal with
  • Implementation process determined by client – evolution vs. revolution

We work hard to make your lives easier and allow more time to focus on your core business.

Deal with only ONE company for all your document management needs.

Our program answers the questions: ‘What do you have?’ ‘How much is it used?’ and ‘Is it the most effective choice?’ So often we see state-of-the art, high volume machines only being utilized a small fraction of the time with all the bells and whistles that no one knows how to use. We can help you determine what equipment and set-up aligns best with your culture and organizational structure.

At the onset, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the current equipment types, copy & print volume and lease agreements. This information will enable us to ‘right-size’ the fleet to ensure that the most efficient technology and speed machines are being used.

Customer Service:
In all aspects of our business, the customer is our life blood. We pride ourselves in setting a high standard for ourselves and then continually raising the bar.

Blueprint Specialties management is experienced in the complexities of copiers and their relationships to overall workflow and difficulties in fleet management.

We are very interested to hear about your project and how we can help. Contact Us Now 208-377-0294